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Daystar Power Group

Sub-Saharan Africa is in the middle of a power crisis, facing daily power outages which can last up to several days and with many citizens not having access to electricity at all.

The unreliability and high cost of power are a significant burden for West African businesses and impede their competitiveness in global markets. As a reaction, Sunray Ventures founded Daystar Power, with the mission to provide electricity to West Africa’s commercial and industrial businesses.

Daystar Power is providing hybrid solar power solutions to commercial and industrial customers in Africa. With objectives such as: reducing energy cost by 20-30%, providing stable power at 99% uptime and reducing emission by replacing diesel generators.

Daystar Power has a team of ~140 professionals and engineers and is operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Togo.

Daystar Power completed in January 2020 a Series B equity investment round of USD 38 million with IFU, Proparco, STOA and Morgan Stanley, supporting its further growth in West-Africa. Daystar Power is also supported by IFC Worldbank, DEG, Sunfunder, Trine with debt facilities.



Bisedge provides full-outsourcing solutions for material handling equipment (MHE), which includes forklifts and other MHE, full-maintenance package as well as the operators. Bisedge is offering this solution as a “Product-As-A-Service” for a monthly fee.

Bisedge has a growing portfolio of multinational clients who desire to obtain MHE services at global standards. Bisedge has ~200 employees and is further scaling up.

Bisedge partners with Linde Material Handling, the leading global manufacturer of material handling equipment.  

Bisedge aspires to set the service standards as well as unfolding strong environmental, social and gender impact. Bisedge pursues:

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SDG 13 / Climate Action:

Transition from diesel/ gas to electric forklifts with solar charging solutions.

SDG 8 / Decent Work, Economic Growth:

Offer high-quality and socially secured  job: every forklift creates up to 4 socially secured jobs.

SDG 5 / Gender Equality:

Partnering with UNIDO in recruiting and training female operators.

Bisedge uses its digital platform to enforce highest performance standards and adhere to safety stan-dards as well as providing clients with access to the data for full transparency.